Center for Sex & Culture
and Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-USA)
School for Johns • San Francisco • Saturday, September 20th, 2008 415-255-1155

11 am
Bacchus - introduces S4J, gives some history of S4J, and some of the inspiration for it. Talk about the "First Time" paying for intimate encounters and the different stages of entry - phone sex- strip clubs, massage establishments, street workers, internet hook-ups, legal in Nevada and other countries.
Falling in love - similarities to other professionals,
Q and A

12 - 1 pm
Carol Queen - Robert Lawrence - about the culture of sex work and interaction between Sex Professionals and clients
Safety, medical, some legal dos and don'ts - some about The Center for Sex and Culture.
Q and A

1:pm - 1:30pm  break for Restroom, snacks, stretch

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
The Sex Professionals giving presentations and demonstrations.
Patrasha, a Professional Submissive will share some of her culture and experience. She will touch on some of the safety procedures, preparation for a session, and negotiating practices she prefers. 

Sadie Lune, a Professional Dominant will talk about her craft and art. If we are lucky, she will pick a S4J student and demonstrate a brief session. She will discuss safety, limits, and boundries, and preparation.

Lorrette, manages a Fetish and Fantasy establishment in Northern California. Her totally legal business caters to folks who wish to live out their fetish and fantasy scenes in a safe, welcoming, supportive environment with professional providers who themselves enjoy the kinkier side of things. The activities here, can include bondage, role playing, spanking as well as many other kinds of fun games - most of us have dreams of indulging in. Here, we find like minded professionals who can lead us into fantastic voyages of fun.

Zoe and Kath have experience as Sex Professionals as award-winning strip club workers,, full service providers and professional dominants. They will dramatize a "First Call to a sex professional" scenario as a sample of what to expect as well as how to spot potential problems.

Rachel, a legal Nevada prostitute works in a brothel and will share some of what to expect if and when you decide to visit the only state in The USA where prostitution is legal. She will share with us what we can expect when visiting a legal Brothel, pricing, rules and customs. She also is a "phone sex worker" and will do a dramatization of a telephonic intimate encounter, one of the safest forms of professional sex Q and A with everyone